Congratulations 2023 Graduates

PreK Graduates

"I'm going to PreK"πŸ˜„

"I'm going to Kindergarten!"πŸ¦–

"I'm sooooo excited!"🌟

I can't wait for Kindergarten!🎈

"Watch out Kindergarten, here I come!"🫡🏽

"I'm ready for Kindergarten!"πŸ˜†

"I did it❣️!"

"Kindergarten is going to be fun!"😊

"I'm racing to Kindergarten!"🏎️

"Happy Graduation!"😊

5th & 8th Grade

"This IS my happy face!"

"To Be Continued..."


"This is Amazing!"πŸ˜ƒ

Senior Graduates


Platinum Honors

Bronze Honors

Silver Honors

Bronze Honors


Gold Honors